In Honour Of Trees….

This one moved me a lot..

The Urge To Wander

I grew up surrounded by trees. A huge variety of them.

Like the nostalgic songs that evoke different stages of my life, trees transport me to those carefree days when we spent every spare moment outdoors.

I remember the sheer pleasure of reading favourite books ensconced in the leafy, low hung branches of a cashew tree. Of dawdling before hopping into the car early mornings to inhale the heady scent of the night jasmine. Of raiding the gooseberry tree with siblings and visiting cousins (and being sick afterwards). Of helping hindering the harvesting of mangoes, coconuts and arecanuts. And most of all, of just lazing under the shade of the giant tamarind, dreaming of elsewhere.

DSC_0072 copy 1060 A living sculpture in Mahabalipuram!

Later, nearly two decades spent on tea and coffee plantations, introduced me to more exotic trees. Gardening became a passion. Identifying trees and birds a matter of pride.

Then came the move to the big city. A yearning…

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