That’s what victory means

111That’s what victory means 🤔
Tears rolled down her cheeks while recieving medallion

What a proud moment for her parents and The Nation too. It was indeed a herculean task achieved so gallantly.

How arduous her training could have been to reach pinnacle of excellence, albeit sleepless nights & rigorous workouts the young minds can take but only a resolute mind can do the trick


Her name now writ large in the history books to hv been the first Indian to reach this milestone !


Hima Das, we take a bow!
You’ve done India proud.

Heartiest Congratulations to our first ever sensational sprint star Hima Das for winning the 400m gold in the World Under-20 Championship


Unmatched Prelude Song of the decade

Ace singer Vijayprakash’s rich Baritonal quality perfectly captures mood of the song..very soulfully sung..beautifully penned and ably orchestrated by Praveen D Rao

This is a benchmark prelude song penned by renowned Kannada poet H S Venkateshmurthy set to a beautiful tune by our own pride, composer Praveen D Rao, very mellifluously rendered by Talented singer Vijayaprakash for ace Director T N Seetharam’s fresh endeavor ‘Magalu Janaki’.

Prodigously talented versatile singer and flutist Varijashree Venugopal too has lent her vocals for the same song so mellifluously.

An epic serial or a magnum opus ought to have all winnable contributions else the plot falls flat. The discerning must note, each composition is unique in its own way. Getting judgmental and to compare the sincere attempt with our erstwhile Masterly Legends, be it,  C Aswath, Mysore Anathaswamy or H K Narayana is uncalled for henceforth.

Each one of them were as unique and exemplary as contemporary musicians, singers and composers alike. I’s just that the techno excellence comes to our rescue in today’s context, to set any faulty, flat or ‘Besura’ renditions right there, point blank, prior to mastering the track, is a major advantage.

It’s here, true character of composer or the singer shall be put on acid test to come out trumps. Praveen D Rao not only brings forth the memory of C Aswath’s Legend in the wonderful composition, so also Vijayaprakash who puts gamut of prerequisite emotions in his baritone into the most talked about robust song of the decade in contemporary context. VP has virtually lived through the song exactly as per the aspirations of poet himself.

None can discredit as this is perhaps the best ever song composed for a tele-serial in recent times without an iota of doubt. Should I not be mistaken I’d hasten to add, ‘MAGALU JANAKI’ song is the best prelude song of all that were composed for early endeavors of  TNS.

The prelude sends such a right positive signal note to the viewers to watch with rapt attention, but for which the narrative could have taken a beating, I strongly feel.

My heartiest congratulations to the entire team😀

Ustad Mehdi Hassan presents a haunting immortal Parveen Shakeer Ghazal set on Raag Darbari

Can connoisseurs believe Legendary Ustad Mehdi Hassan set Raag Darbari – on someone’s insistence in just few minutes before setting onto the stage one day !!! – to this immortal ghazal written by Late Poetess Parveen Shakir !! ??

This Ghazal remains one of his most famed compositions, haunts the discerning no end.
His unmatched finesse in singing lends an extra edge to the lyrical experience wherein sensitive nuances of Raag Darbari and Raag Jaunpuri are explained by Legend himself.

More interesting to learn, Ustad’s other passion was working on machines. In an eloborate interview, it is painstakingly explained about his tryst with machines since from childhood besides doing rigorous various physical workouts waking up early dawn

Leading Global Leaders of Machine & Equipment Manufacturers Ferguson’s Institute of Technical Excellence most aptly accorded Diploma on Mehdi Hassan Saab who says, some 300 Ferguson Tractors were totally assembled by him, before switching over to his most passionate singing profession ..!!! was so adept in all forms of Hindustani music that prompted the panel to grade him in Radio ‘A’ category Artiste straightaway, speaks volumes of how gruelling & tough it must hv been to reach levels of excellence at very young age.Bears testimony as to why he’s an acclaimed Legendary Shahensha-e-Ghazal world over.

Reason, he’d the uncanny ability to turn anything to goldmine on whatever he pressed his hands heartily, power of his application so fierce that was bestowed by none other than Almighty himself without semblance of doubt,

I think there are not many who disagree with me..!




INVITE KSN.jpgIt was a memorable evening with most renowned icons of Kannada Literature and Sugama Sangeeta assembling @ H.N Kalakshetra, Jayanagar, Bangalore on Saturday 17 JUNE 2017.

ARCHANA GAYANA.jpgAs indicative in the invite, ‘Nityotsava’ Poet Prof.K.S.Nisar Ahmed and Kannada Nightingale Ratnamala Prakash were the proud recipients conferred by K.S.Narasimhasway Trust ‘KAVYA GAYANA PRASHASTI for the year 2016-2017.


GV ON DAIS.jpgVery amiable Sri Narahalli Balasubramanya, Kikkeri Krishnamurthy and other likeminded set of connoisseurs are the backbones of the Trust that planned to initiate such remarkable event in memory of the most celebrated ‘Mysuru Mallige” Poet, the legendary Late Sri KSN whose unforgettable Kannada Literature works have surpassed time, yet lilting in our ears year after year.

archana 1.jpgWell-known singer and composer Archana Udupa presented popular KSN Poetry in Carnatic Music and Abhang style to start with, setting the right mood to a rare pointer to subsequent events. Her impeccable singing was apt, precise and befitting to the occasion more so owing to the reason they were specially composed for the occasion, in fact a total turnaround from the mostly serenaded over years.

IN SYNC.jpgNot only Archana is gifted and does possess all the versatile capabilities of a formidable singer, but also has all pre-requisites of an able composer should her attempt in belting those songs with gusto is any harbinger, I personally hasten to opine. Sri Narahalli Balaubramanya has to be thanked for entrusting her the responsibility to carry out with such ease. Very impressively accompanied her mood were Nagara Nagabhushan Udupa on Harmonium and Kartik on Tabla.

RATNAMALA 1.jpgFollowed suit were felicitation to the coveted recipients and a befitting keynote address by Dr.H.S.Venkateshmurthy that took the audience to a rare memorabilia as ever. The most senior Celebrated Centanarian Kannada Dictionary Creator Prof.G.Venkatasubbaih was the cynosure of all eyes, very meaningfully putting forth words of wisdom about the unforgettable KSN literary works while lauding the deeds to be undertaken by the KSN Trust in ensuing days.

RATNA KIKKERI.jpgAward Recipient and celebrated Poet Prof.K.S.Nisar Ahmed spoke eloquently on foregoing years that prompted him to do some exemplary literary works along with his teaching profession

Renowned Veteran Singer and the other Award recipient of the evening then presented few haunting melodious K S Narasimhaswamy songs in her inimitable mellifluous style.

POST FELICITATION.jpgM/s Nagara Srinivasa Udupa, Malathi Sharma, Kikkeri Krishnamurthy and other disciples joined the encore by summing up the rare occasion in a befitting style, salient feature of the entire event being the rapt attention with which audience complimenting, enjoying and eulogizing the aura and fragrance of Legendary K.S.Narasimhaswamy’s poetry.

FB_IMG_1497774072932Indeed that was a very tenderly conducted chronicle of years that passed and moments to beckon forward to always and ever.