‘Shubha Milana’ and ‘Namma Spoorthi’ Memorable whole day events were organised by Mayura Group today at Bunts Sangha, Attiguppe, Vijayanagar Bangalore. Felicitations and salutations bestowed on all those incl me, who traversed with Group CMD Gopadi Srinivasa Rao’s sojourn all these 4 decades and more !

Event was so well organized with whistle stop event unfolding one after the other from morning till late evening. Be it a separate media room for invitees’ special words that appeared instantly on huge screen for viewers, or the bakery delicacies, beverages and all other tasty menu in special counters spread out on sprawling lawns beckoning the visitors to quench their thirst and hunger whole day was truly admirable while the events inside the auditorium unfurled simultaneously !

‘Shubha Milana’ the event – to felicitate all those who shouldered onerous responsibilities in various respective group ventures over 4 decades or more – began with a starter lilting melodies presented by well-known singers Vinay Nadig​ & Divya Raghavan​.

Revered holy presence of Sri Sri Yathiraja Jeeyar Swamigal, Pontiff, Melukote Madhwaraja Mutt added dignity to the occasion alongwith nonagenarian hotelier, Sri N R Narayana Rao, MLC Sri UB Venkatesh Jayanagar​, Sri Prakash Shetty, Founder Chairman, MRG Group, writer & Orator Dr.KP Putthuraya, Retd Director, RGHS University and Sri G R Krishnamurthy, Co-Founder, Mayura Group. Sri Sanjeev Kulkarni very ably anchored the event in his inimitable chaste Kannada

Fusion band ,’Beat Gurus’ and ‘Mellow Trees’ Followed their foot tapping music to enthral invitees post lunch. A virtual Visual treat ‘Karnataka Vaibhava’ dance ensemble enacted by disciples of Renowned Choreographer Dancer Dr.Sanjay Shantaram was awe-inspiring, leaving viewers totally enthralled.

‘Namma Spoorthi’ that followed later was a befitting finale, commemorating 2 editions of Sri Gopady Srinivasa Rao’s interesting life journey – ‘Kayakayogi Gopady Srinivasa Rao’ alongwith ‘How to win in Food Enterprises – by evolving successful GSR formula’ a compilation by Sri Jogi.
Sri Raghavendra Kanchan mastered the ceremonies astutely.

Dr.P.Sadananda Maiya, Maiyas Foods & Beverages Ltd Chairman, Kannada Daily ‘Vishwavani’ Editor in Chief Sri Vishweshwara Bhat, Sri Ravi Hegde, Editor in Chief, ‘Kannadaprabha’ Kannada Daily alongwith other dignitaries added grace to the memorable occasion by their impeccable adress that virtually took the gathering into a thought provoking journey reminiscent of making those arduous ventures a great success.

Ace Anchor Smt.Aparna Vasthare added grace as usual presenting the show with usual aplomb.

Curtains were brought down to the memorable whole day event with sumptuous buffet and multi variety cuisine served in Food Court.

It was a day to remember and rejoice later about how well thought out & very meticulously arranged these events were, spoke volumes of Gopadi Srinivasa Rao’s calibre percolating all his energies into Gennext.

Painstaking efforts for preparation prior to these events dates back to six months at least, but the finesse with which each effort carried out was worth every penny spent I heartily felt

My heartiest congratulations go to young guns Mahesh Hathwar​, Suhas Upadhya​ along with all those having toiled so hard to make the grand occasion so savvy and endearing to one and all who mattered.


Ashwini Kumar
 is  feeling nostalgic.

43828331_2090197017668202_167655839400722432_n 2

Critically acclaimed Kannada movie’Jatta’ special re-screening for the discerning viewers was arranged on Friday evening (12 October) to commemorate its 5th Anniversary –
Venue : Sri Chamundeshwari Film Studio & Lab Pvt Ltd Preview Theatre, Millers Road, Bangalore 560001

Archives down the lane brought back fresh memories of its screening at Sapna Theatre five years ago. My family friend & senior accomplice, Mahadeva Malla’s elder son Giriraj BM has by now turned out to be an ace director par excellence, with the other acclaimed movies under his belt namely ‘Mythri’ and ‘Amaravathi’ following Jatta.

Few childhood friends also joined me at the screening. A revitting movie Jatta has all the elements of perfection for a highly promising first time Director ! 

Powerfully written screenplay, exceptional natural acting by all artistes, typical coastline language, beautiful backwater locales, protagonist Jatta’s lion heartedness alongside predator like spirit to fight against evilminded elements and forest poachers who also try to intimidate the strong beliefs of oppressed community and sham family deity, young Sukruta Wagle’s daring acting prowess, beautiful apt voiceover by Giriraj himself dubbing for the main character Jatta’s wellwishing mentor forest officer, dialogue deliveries by all the artistes, absorbing background score and last but not the least, the editing leaves the audience spellbound.

In my opinion, this is a landmark movie having many firsts to its credit with an almost flawless product at your disposal that has the intensity to stand on par with the much acclaimed movies in the national lineage namely Ankur, Kalyug, Ardh Satya and the likes.

43878173_2090198231001414_5568891863424827392_n 3I fondly recall my association with childhood acquaintance Mahadeva Mallawho rose from humble background to high positions owing to hard work & academic brilliance. In fact, I couldn’t say ‘no’ when he kindly extended invite for a re-screening of ‘Jatta’, sort of homecoming after 5 years for most of us. Lucky to have met a former banker, another old friend Taranath Shenoy in the middle and Ashok, a rtd bank DGM too.

Giriraj BM and his sibling Devaraj Bee Em have a lot to thank doting sweet mother Bhavani Mahadeva for having painstakingly supported their respective interests to persue in life.

Very precise to the point, deft in narration and meticulous in bringing forth the subject, hemming a slick cinematic experience for a short realtime story to be projected onto the big screen in the form of a powerful movie Jatta, Giriraj BM virtually seals all prenotions of  connoisseurs to virtual rest.

In other words, the movie wins hearts by it’s unpretentiousness, leaving the audience in tears by the protagonist, albeit lacking formal education yet principled do-gooder Jatta – prisoner of his own image, would be so sacrificial by default – succumbs to unpredictable insinuations, twists & turns by quirk of fate, yet remains a hero in the hearts of those knowing him !

43950702_2090196864334884_5057907050030301184_n 1

Though offbeat in nature, there’s not a solitary moment of dullness in the whole plot, by itself indicates the onerous preparation that’s gone behind. Personally,
I reckon Giriraj BM is way ahead of the rest in mindset and more importantly, cut out for many more meaningful movies welding his ‘megaphone’ in ensuing years that follow.

Kannada cinema has an able movie maker in Giriraj, who possesses an uncanny ability to turn an ordinary plot into a pulsating finesee that holds the inquisite viewers’ keenness intact till the end, an important facet and hallmark indicative sheer brilliance of a thinking mind and not just another filmmaker in the race..!

God bless all your futuristic endeavours in the earnest Giriraj BM..I take a lot of pride in your dedication, talent and hard work that beckon success, a no mean an achievement in this fast paced rat race of a kind !



MK 38755327_1992321067455798_1040235152036331520_n

Whatever the third world may opine about the Legendary Late Sri MK, he was a man of many firsts to his credit and ilk

*An early school dropout, MK plunged into politics through scores of agitations and alike at a tender teenage of 15

*was an undefeated record 13 terms MLA in the annals of Indian Politics

*MK was the only living Politician to have seen in his lifespan of 94 years all the 14 Prime Ministers of our nation in 80 years public life, was 5 times Chief Minister of TN  & 50 years DMK Party Chief !!

*wrote beautifully handwritren movie scripts and alike himself till ripe age of 92

*Excelled in media, journalism,movies,script writing and politics

*introduced many well thought out everlasting schemes for the upliftment of downtrodden that hugely benefited poverty alleviation

*first man to admit on the TN Assembly Floor about his three marriages

*MK was always at friendly distance from Karnataka never ever creating ruckus about Cauvery River water sharing

*The redoubtable MK was a man of few words endearing himself to the masses with an assiduously built political career

*history shall never again witness likes of the Legends M/s Rajaji, Kamaraj, C.Annadurai, charismatic MGR and J.Jayalalithaa, Cho Ramaswamy, but
M.Karananidhi’s Legend will always haunt his followers as last of the proverbial patriarchs who virtually lived in the hearts of TN populace

Should the funeral procession be witnessed to believe, there can’t be semblance of doubt, for a neat 3 lakh people following till the mortal remains were laid to rest with full State Honour at Marina Beach, Chennai yesterday !

It’ll take a while to forego his towering presence among his family, brethren, DMK rank/file and alike.

Full circle eclipse and an unfounded strong void felt in TN, Can be assumed though a hypothesis, TN was never before so rudderless.

Missing a leader of such tall order – who remained in people’s hearts for nearly 7 decades of public life or more – looms large on the scenario.

Phone Photos: The Fimmvörðuháls Trail

Iceland really is a land of the midnight sun. Trail ten hours and the last few sun-soaked photos of this post were taken around 10 PM…!! The sunshine gift from God after all the fog and mist of the snow and lava fields cleared..awesome coverage from Blogger Whimsey Pie

Whimsey Pie

Do you know how difficult it is to describe Iceland without feeling like a slave to hyperbole and superlatives?  Most breath-taking scenery.  Land of starkest contrasts.  Most changeable weather.  Waterfalls beyond number.  After awhile it begins to sound ridiculous, even though I swear I’m speaking truth.

As proof of my dilemma, I offer the Fimmvörðuháls Trail, a hike which begins at the mighty Skogafoss waterfall and ends fifteen hard miles later in Þorsmörk (Thor’s Valley) after traversing between the Eyjafallajökull and Mýradalsjökull glaciers.  I dare you to view the following photos and not  fall into the same description predicament that I’m struggling with…

I rest my case.  🙂  (And this trail showcases only a small portion of all the visual delights Iceland has to offer).

A few side notes on this post:

  1. Iceland really is a land of the midnight sun.  We were on the trail ten hours and the…

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Grand inaugural of freshest endeavour NAMMA BAKERY in Rajarajeshwarinagar, Bangalore on 03 August 2018 evening, under able stewardship of Mayura Group Chairman G Srinivasa Rao, brought scores of local populace to have a glimpse of  freshest bakery goodies made available at pocket friendly prices.

Self budding Entrepreneurs Venkatesh Hathwar and Yashaswini take the lead.

More employment opportunities created for skilled and semiskilled personnel in the process. Fair food safety practices are in place to turn a new leaf in the annals of bakery food scenario.

Unique modern features and hygienic practices using latest technology, the new outlet can cater oven fresh preparations to satiate daily needs of those who matter.

Embarking on two wheelers’ world sojourn ought to be rare and first rate


32908643_1928447053855995_3485065858454126592_o.jpgAlbeit therer’e major impediments for international clearances prior to undertaking this herculean effort starting from Bengaluru to London, a soaring distance of some 23500 surface kilometers over a stretch of 76 days, courage of conviction, self belief, resolute mind, never say die attitude and youthful spirit of two men Manjunath C and King Richard, in their early 40s’, have proudly made it.  manja 6 37583735_1893804657308070_1901487622300106752_n36580998_1865379110150625_3633284363795300352_n.jpg36522947_948452691994405_8454891555969302528_n27073084_1696854973669707_2185685830114156238_n32764277_764918780378640_755952499369705472_nmanja 8 37414047_1893804583974744_6792356294608027648_nThe first ever such ‘WORLD RIDE LEG 1’ is a genuine accomplishment, worthy of huge pat to these daring Bangalore guys to have returned from London UK gallantly victorious and most satiated, covering 21 countries – on an average 500 Kms/day- namely:

BHUTAN, Myanmmar,Thailand, Laos,China,Kyrgyzstan,Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan,Russia,Estonia,Litvia ,Lithuania,Poland, Czech Republic,Austria,Italy,Switzerland,France,Belgium,Netherlands, England UK London37308791_10214383665280220_8938107885376765952_n36587772_948429858663355_5528560015981412352_n.jpg27067762_1696855000336371_8433194724594667914_nmanja 4 38391436_1614468495330951_2410603777028521984_nExperiencing an all awesome 4 seasons weather in 76 days – from soaring mercury levels of 42 degrees in simmering China, heaviest downpours from Thailand to china uptill Russia, plummetting spring in Estonia resulting in heaviest snowfall and getting stranded in chilling Kyrgyzstan for nearly 5 hours, all of these ought to be the heartening features of this most adventurous ‘2 wheeler World Ride Leg1’Gung-ho Bengaluru Guys for having made yourself proud, so too we kannadigas in Karnataka !!

Leaving behind their families for so long, nothing could have been as roller coaster ride as it were, amid high risks, but ardent wishes saw them through the day as they returned to a roaring welcome with a sense of a great achievement at this juncture. 

At the end of it all, do you think all these achievements turned out to be so fruitful as the riders spent lot of money and risked a little more than the rest. Absolutely not. They were driven by undying passion without which crossing a border wouldn’t have been possible. More than 2 years it took to secure all those visas. Triumph Tiger Bikes were chosen with King Richard buying it first place to check road performance and resilience and then Manjunath followed suit after one year.

Dear all, I’m joined here by my good old friend & rider Manjunath C and fellow rider, King Richard to convey profound thanks to all well-wishers for being so supportive and encouraging their earnest endeavor.

World is small we say, but how diverse our cultures are to be seen to believe ‘we live in a small shell out of a mammoth place called world’ 

Let’s all live in harmony, extend  warmth among  brethren to spread  health & happiness as long as we live.


‘SWARA MILANA’ musical initiative BY ‘SNEHA BALAGA’ held on 21 July 2018 evening at Suchitra Cinema and Cultural Academy, BSK 2nd stage Bengaluru, was indeed a very rare attempt in terms of content and class, enthralls invited audience

friends 2 As I expressed to the assembled audience at the end post this benchmark concert in terms of content, all Kannada compositions rendered, had a distinct  Ravi Murur stamp writ large. My other two young gifted prodigal friends, an electrifying Tabla nawaz Trilochan Kampli and a mellifluous Sarfaraaz Khan on Sarangi enthralled invited audience till the end. Thanks to all my friends Trilochan Kampli (his initiative was further propelled forward by all of us) Chinya Pradeep, Bhanu and others to have sweetly organised such a luvly concert that brightened spirits overwhelmingly on a dull gloomy Saturday evening

friends 3 Ravi Murur – Undoubtedly class apart & Singer par excellence

Needless to mention, foremost disciple of Kannada Music Doyens Sri C.Aswath & Raju Ananthaswamy, Sri Ravi Murur redoubtably justified as to why he stands so different in the pedigree of singing sensations with his nifty vocals while presenting those compellingly melodious Kannada Bhaav and Bhakthgeeths in an inimitable semi-classical genre that would rather set to be benchmark in my opinion. Never before in a semi-classical Kannada Light music concert, Sarangi has been extensively used as a lead instrument, was the real highlight of the evening. Perfect pronunciation, apt Bhaav- Gayaki ang, deft sargams and clasp on natural basics indicative of his assiduous training under his father Sri R.P.Hegde’s primitive guidance and later on under the tutelage of Guru Sri M.P.Hegde.  Ravi is also known to be dexterous on percussions like Tabla, traditional Chande and Maddale of Yakshagana Karnataka folklore, besides accompanying well-known artistes with crispy Harmonium notes, all hallmarks of a truly well honed composer that he is !

Albeit these age old melodies of Kannada literaturenamely, 1.Danida Jeevake matthe – Mishra Pahadi  2.Olideneke Nalideneke – Bhimpalas 3.Mareyalare Ninna Neere – Kambavati 4.Andenu Indenu – Mishra Khamaj 5.Baradiru Haalirule – Jog  and Charukeshi (own beautiful composition)  6.Mucchumare Illadeye – Khamaj  7.Guruve Neenu – Shivaranjini 8. Gundamma Nina Haadu -Pahadi  9.Shivana Bhajisiro  10.Ede Tumbi phrases – kiravani  11.Ella maretiruvaga – Malkauns 12. Mattade besara -Yaman & Shyam Kalyanhave been avidly sung & listened to by connoisseurs so often over period till date, here was a bright initiative that stood so different and class apart from all previous efforts in a live presentation, devoid of any supplementary redundant orchestra instruments, barring Tabla and Sarangi besides singer Ravi Murur himself on Harmonium ! Each rendition was impeccable, elaborately sung, laced with an uncanny ability to reach out to the zenith the poet may have visualized and what is paramount in terms of Bhava

friends 1There was undoubtedly a rare fragrance and aura about how the songs were enjoyed by the discerning assembled. A rare chemistry and interaction were inter-woven between the performers and the audience, turning the event very affectionate. There was rare glint of Legends Mysore Ananthaswamy, C.Aswath and Raju Ananthaswamy in Ravi’s most renditions, yet he held his own forte with evident distinct style with no plagiarism whatsoever, I personally opine. He’s more classier than the most, should the content hold some prominence

Young Prodigals Trilochan Kampli (Tabla) and Sarfaraaz Khan (Sarangi) well-nigh held sway on the invited audience in the mini auditorium.

Tabla  Nawaz  Trilochan  Kampli

Needs no introduction

1985 born, Trilochan’s debut solo concert at the age of 12, stunned an All India Radio invited audience. His crisp technique, effortless mastery over complex and intricate compositions, easy style and involvement invoked instant following and recognition. A beaming Gangubai Hangal prophesied “He is going to be a very great artiste!” after she heard him perform. Since then this prodigy has continued with passion and commitment, playing at major festivals, appearing on TV and touring India, not only as a solo tabla artist but also as a sensitive and accomplished accompanist. Having performed in Japan and Schengen Territory, his very recent notable performance was in front of an invited dignitaries of Indo-Israel community in the eminent presence of Hon’ble Israel Premier, Benjamin Netanyahu in whose honor our beloved Prime Minsiter Sri Narendra Modi hosted. He has accompanied renowned artistes such as Pt Rajiv Taranath, Ustad Bale Khan Ustad Usman Khan, Ustad Faiyaz Khan, Ustad Hameed Khan, Pandit Venkatesh Kumar, Ustad Shafiq Khan and Smt Vidushi Aarti Anklikar, young Sarod Wizard Debasmitha Bhattacharya, to name a few and so on.

Trilochan stole the thunder from the audience as his percussive talents were full on, while accompanying Ravi on a semi-classical mode. The last bhajan caught him so unawares emotionally that he paused for while as tears just rolled down. And that’s the true connect with the divine power !

Sarangi Prodigal Sarfaraaz Khan

Another freshest shining star on the bloc

Son of an Illustrious father (singer par excellence, Sarangi Wizard and Chairman, Karnataka Sangeetha Nritya Academy Ustad Faiyaz Khan) a 9th generation Sarangi Prodigy hailing from Dharwad, Sarfaraaz Khan has been found playing very prominently on the majority music circuits of late, needs no introduction. Besides learning all basics from his father, he’s under the tutelage of Sarangi Ustad Shri Ramnarayan last few years. Known to have picked up all minutiae and nuances of Gayaki Ang on difficult Sarangi pre-dominantly witnessed in each of his concerts at such young age, Sarfaraaz Khan is the one to watch for in years to follow. 

A brief note on rare facts of Sarangi Instrument

The Sarangi is also a traditional stringed musical instrument of Nepal, commonly played by Gaine or Gandarbha ethnic group, but the outward appearance and repertoire of sarangi are more towards folk music as compared to the heavy and classical form Indian Repertoire. Sarangi is bowed, short-necked string instrument from India, Nepal and Pakistan, majorly played in Hindustani classical music.

However, the most common folk facts of origin and development of Sarangi is derived from ‘sol rang’ (a hundred colors) indicative of its adaptability to many styles of vocal music, adjustable to flexible tunes and ability to produce a large palette of tonal color and emotional nuance of the vocalist on view. According to some musicians, the word sarangi is a combination of two words ‘seh’(Persian equivalent of three) and ‘rangi’ (Persian equivalent of colored) corrupted as sarangi. The term seh-rangi represents the three melody strings.

The repertoire of sarangi players in folklore is very closely related to vocal music. Nevertheless, a concert with solo sarangi as main protagonist, at times includes a full-scale raag presentation with an extensive alaap (immeasurable improvisatory development of raag) in increasing intensity (alap-jor-jhala) and several compositions in ascending tempo called Bandish. As such, it could be seen akin to other instrumental styles of sitarsarod, and bansuri too, to mention few.

Usually the words are present in emotions during   performances, almost until the end of time, adheres to the conventions of vocal performances including the directorial composition. Very Seldom a sarangi player is witnessed unaware of terminology of many classical-semi classical compositions.The predominantly special vocal quality of sarangi  is in a separate category from the types of elaboration, tempo in relation with sound, silence and the presentation of Khyal and Thumri compositions. So-called gayaki-ang of sitar for instance which attempts to emulate the nuances of khyal  while overall  compliant to the structures, usually keeping rendezvous with the Gat compositions of instrumental music – Gat is a composition set to a cyclic rhythm !



That’s what victory means

111That’s what victory means 🤔
Tears rolled down her cheeks while recieving medallion

What a proud moment for her parents and The Nation too. It was indeed a herculean task achieved so gallantly.

How arduous her training could have been to reach pinnacle of excellence, albeit sleepless nights & rigorous workouts the young minds can take but only a resolute mind can do the trick


Her name now writ large in the history books to hv been the first Indian to reach this milestone !


Hima Das, we take a bow!
You’ve done India proud.

Heartiest Congratulations to our first ever sensational sprint star Hima Das for winning the 400m gold in the World Under-20 Championship

Unmatched Prelude Song of the decade

Ace singer Vijayprakash’s rich Baritonal quality perfectly captures mood of the song..very soulfully sung..beautifully penned and ably orchestrated by Praveen D Rao

This is a benchmark prelude song penned by renowned Kannada poet H S Venkateshmurthy set to a beautiful tune by our own pride, composer Praveen D Rao, very mellifluously rendered by Talented singer Vijayaprakash for ace Director T N Seetharam’s fresh endeavor ‘Magalu Janaki’.

Prodigously talented versatile singer and flutist Varijashree Venugopal too has lent her vocals for the same song so mellifluously.

An epic serial or a magnum opus ought to have all winnable contributions else the plot falls flat. The discerning must note, each composition is unique in its own way. Getting judgmental and to compare the sincere attempt with our erstwhile Masterly Legends, be it,  C Aswath, Mysore Anathaswamy or H K Narayana is uncalled for henceforth.

Each one of them were as unique and exemplary as contemporary musicians, singers and composers alike. I’s just that the techno excellence comes to our rescue in today’s context, to set any faulty, flat or ‘Besura’ renditions right there, point blank, prior to mastering the track, is a major advantage.

It’s here, true character of composer or the singer shall be put on acid test to come out trumps. Praveen D Rao not only brings forth the memory of C Aswath’s Legend in the wonderful composition, so also Vijayaprakash who puts gamut of prerequisite emotions in his baritone into the most talked about robust song of the decade in contemporary context. VP has virtually lived through the song exactly as per the aspirations of poet himself.

None can discredit as this is perhaps the best ever song composed for a tele-serial in recent times without an iota of doubt. Should I not be mistaken I’d hasten to add, ‘MAGALU JANAKI’ song is the best prelude song of all that were composed for early endeavors of  TNS.

The prelude sends such a right positive signal note to the viewers to watch with rapt attention, but for which the narrative could have taken a beating, I strongly feel.

My heartiest congratulations to the entire team😀

Ustad Mehdi Hassan presents a haunting immortal Parveen Shakeer Ghazal set on Raag Darbari

Can connoisseurs believe Legendary Ustad Mehdi Hassan set Raag Darbari – on someone’s insistence in just few minutes before setting onto the stage one day !!! – to this immortal ghazal written by Late Poetess Parveen Shakir !! ??

This Ghazal remains one of his most famed compositions, haunts the discerning no end.
His unmatched finesse in singing lends an extra edge to the lyrical experience wherein sensitive nuances of Raag Darbari and Raag Jaunpuri are explained by Legend himself.

More interesting to learn, Ustad’s other passion was working on machines. In an eloborate interview, it is painstakingly explained about his tryst with machines since from childhood besides doing rigorous various physical workouts waking up early dawn

Leading Global Leaders of Machine & Equipment Manufacturers Ferguson’s Institute of Technical Excellence most aptly accorded Diploma on Mehdi Hassan Saab who says, some 300 Ferguson Tractors were totally assembled by him, before switching over to his most passionate singing profession ..!!! was so adept in all forms of Hindustani music that prompted the panel to grade him in Radio ‘A’ category Artiste straightaway, speaks volumes of how gruelling & tough it must hv been to reach levels of excellence at very young age.Bears testimony as to why he’s an acclaimed Legendary Shahensha-e-Ghazal world over.

Reason, he’d the uncanny ability to turn anything to goldmine on whatever he pressed his hands heartily, power of his application so fierce that was bestowed by none other than Almighty himself without semblance of doubt,

I think there are not many who disagree with me..!