INVITE KSN.jpgIt was a memorable evening with most renowned icons of Kannada Literature and Sugama Sangeeta assembling @ H.N Kalakshetra, Jayanagar, Bangalore on Saturday 17 JUNE 2017.

ARCHANA GAYANA.jpgAs indicative in the invite, ‘Nityotsava’ Poet Prof.K.S.Nisar Ahmed and Kannada Nightingale Ratnamala Prakash were the proud recipients conferred by K.S.Narasimhasway Trust ‘KAVYA GAYANA PRASHASTI for the year 2016-2017.


GV ON DAIS.jpgVery amiable Sri Narahalli Balasubramanya, Kikkeri Krishnamurthy and other likeminded set of connoisseurs are the backbones of the Trust that planned to initiate such remarkable event in memory of the most celebrated ‘Mysuru Mallige” Poet, the legendary Late Sri KSN whose unforgettable Kannada Literature works have surpassed time, yet lilting in our ears year after year.

archana 1.jpgWell-known singer and composer Archana Udupa presented popular KSN Poetry in Carnatic Music and Abhang style to start with, setting the right mood to a rare pointer to subsequent events. Her impeccable singing was apt, precise and befitting to the occasion more so owing to the reason they were specially composed for the occasion, in fact a total turnaround from the mostly serenaded over years.

IN SYNC.jpgNot only Archana is gifted and does possess all the versatile capabilities of a formidable singer, but also has all pre-requisites of an able composer should her attempt in belting those songs with gusto is any harbinger, I personally hasten to opine. Sri Narahalli Balaubramanya has to be thanked for entrusting her the responsibility to carry out with such ease. Very impressively accompanied her mood were Nagara Nagabhushan Udupa on Harmonium and Kartik on Tabla.

RATNAMALA 1.jpgFollowed suit were felicitation to the coveted recipients and a befitting keynote address by Dr.H.S.Venkateshmurthy that took the audience to a rare memorabilia as ever. The most senior Celebrated Centanarian Kannada Dictionary Creator Prof.G.Venkatasubbaih was the cynosure of all eyes, very meaningfully putting forth words of wisdom about the unforgettable KSN literary works while lauding the deeds to be undertaken by the KSN Trust in ensuing days.

RATNA KIKKERI.jpgAward Recipient and celebrated Poet Prof.K.S.Nisar Ahmed spoke eloquently on foregoing years that prompted him to do some exemplary literary works along with his teaching profession

Renowned Veteran Singer and the other Award recipient of the evening then presented few haunting melodious K S Narasimhaswamy songs in her inimitable mellifluous style.

POST FELICITATION.jpgM/s Nagara Srinivasa Udupa, Malathi Sharma, Kikkeri Krishnamurthy and other disciples joined the encore by summing up the rare occasion in a befitting style, salient feature of the entire event being the rapt attention with which audience complimenting, enjoying and eulogizing the aura and fragrance of Legendary K.S.Narasimhaswamy’s poetry.

FB_IMG_1497774072932Indeed that was a very tenderly conducted chronicle of years that passed and moments to beckon forward to always and ever.




impressions 11Music is all about the sublime content, substance and the connoisseurs who’re enthralled by those lilting moments aided by pulsating music through gifted musicians of yore.

impressions 8

impressions 12IMPRESSIONS’ provided all these sumptuously on Friday, 09 June 2017 evening @ Chowdaih Memorial Hall, Bengaluru under the aegis of our own ARCHANA UDUPA’S GAANDHAR Forum

impressions 13

IMPRESSIONS 1.jpg 4Popular Singer Vijayaprakash, Actor and born Singer Sunil Raoh, Veteran Nagara Srinivasa Udupa along with a seasoned Archana herself took the audience back to memorabilia of Grand old Movie Ghazal hits, avidly followed by those discerning even today.

IMPRESSIONS 1.jpg 2May it be chartbuster movie ghazals from Kashmir ki Kali, Hum Dono, Arth or the Medley by Archana, consisting of  ghazals from movies Umrao Jaan or Nikah, not only all singers did perform Excellently but were very aptly accompanied by most gifted artistes on the instruments and percussions – Veterans and Young alike – to create an aura of its own alongside the most celebrated Trumpet Player of this era, the Legendary Sri Kishore Sodha, a treat to listen. Seasoned Percussionist Venugaopalaraju and Ace Guitarist Srinivasachar stole the thunder, were impeccable as always. Violinist Ranjan Beura, Drummer Arun Kumar, veteran Sitarist Sumarani, the very talented flutist Ashwini Koushik and other accompanists were just exceptional and excellent, filling in when solicited with their subtle underplay.  It would be embarrassing should some names miss while I wrote. Anchor Rubina deftly handled the show in her own bubbly infectious manner.

IMPRESSIONS 1.jpg 5Such musical treats always romp home by lilting nature, making the audience get glued to seats with effervescent songs presented in an aesthetic manner and style.

ARCHANA deserves a pat for organising memorable concerts of such magnitude to Bengaluru music connoisseurs year after year without entry fee, is a matter of pride that she’s resolved to return the adulation recieved, indicative in a befitting manner, needless to mention considering the huge involving expenditure for such an event.

impressions 9impressionsIt takes one’s emotional toll to manage such shows though looks very colourful at the outset since its not just the matter of bringing alive the music one yearns to listen after all, but also to satisfy the huge expectations, a challenge by itself as the acerbic tongues wag no end should something go haywire on the dotted day despite assiduous preparations. It’s easier said than done as everyone understands.

Let us celebrate music that suffices more than anything else !



‘Chirantan’ A New Age Foundation, Pune initiative Concerts Enthrall Bangalore Music Connoisseurs



28 March 2017 Canara Union, Malleswaram, Bangalore West hosts a sequence of concerts under the aegis of ‘Chirantan’ New Age Foundation Pune initiative enthralls invited audience in tribute to Hindustani Classical Doyen Legend Late Dr,Mallikarjun Mansur.

On view were Vidhushi Priyadarshini Kulkarni (Vocal), Biswajit Roy Chowdary (Sarod) followed by Dr.Nagaraja Rao Hawaldar (Vocal) IMG_20170328_203541.jpg

IMG_20170328_210936.jpgIMG_20170328_210559.jpgIMG_20170328_210545 (1).jpg


Sunday evening, 27 Dec 2015, had an entertaining evening in Hariharan Live Concert at Kanteerava AFH initiative must be thanked (Art For Humanity) !!

Someone close sent vvip passes to make it more meaningful !!…but I had to say it was just one of many indoor concerts wherein I’ve heard Hariharan perform much better.

Must admit not being judgemental, female voices were a great disappointment and not even a patch on him, though the sound system and video coverage were fantastic..!

However, most invitees were unaware what for the ‘Art For Humanity’ meant after all and the initiative. Organizers should’ve taken care of creating awareness in Public mind by elaborating in detail about the admirable initiative, else the very purpose itself remains unfulfilled.

Thanks for Organisers nevertheless for not going overboard with overbearing endless speeches by dignitaries..!

In future, also may the organizers avoid major gaffe like introducing hon’ble union minister Sri Ananthkumar to the audience as Chief Minister!!

Let them not get offended by my opinion, but it’s been my earnest request to be more professional in approach as I also honestly feel to be a part of AFH indirectly by my participation.