Sunday, the 27 Dec 2015, had an entertaining evening in Hariharan Live Concert at Kanteerava AFH initiative must be thanked (Art For Humanity) !!


Someone close sent vvip passes to make it more meaningful !!…but I had to say it was just one of many indoor concerts wherein I’ve heard Hariharan perform much better.


Must admit not being judgmental, female voices were a great disappointment and not even a patch for such huge outing, though the sound system and video coverage were fantastic..!


However, most invitees were unaware what for the ‘Art For Humanity’ meant after all and the initiative. Organizers should’ve taken care of creating awareness in Public mind by elaborating in detail about the admirable initiative, lest the very purpose itself remains unfulfilled.

Thanks for Organizers nevertheless, for not going overboard with overbearing endless speeches by dignitaries..!

In future, also may the organizers avoid  major gaffe like introducing hon’ble Union minister Sri Ananthkumar to the audience as Chief Minister!!

Let them not get offended by my opinion, but it’s been my earnest request to be more professional in approach as I also honestly feel to be a part of AFH indirectly by my participation.



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