‘Bangalore Dreams Live’ @ BlueFrog, Church Street

Dr.Jyotsna Srikanth wows invitees @ BLUEFROG



She’s unmistakably one of the most unassuming Global Star of certain stature, but just guess right when she ticks off messages to her connoisseur friends back here while she sets on a visit to India, especially her trip this week to Bangalore certainly brought most fans to her concert considerably and that’s a true connect indeed.!!

I feel, it was so sweet of her to send a missive to me on messenger a week before like she does to many. My neighbor Ganapati Hegde and me made it right on dot for a memorable Bangalore Dreams concert.

Hardly very few musicians figure out this idea. It is here Dr.Jyotsna Srikant literally enjoys her music via discerning. Neither does she commit this secure act to play to the gallery. Perceptive would not only listen to her choice while she makes it a point to play their favorites in a medley or in a different form.

‘Bangalore Dreams’ organizers very aptly named the world music concert by none other than our own innovative & celebrated violinist, the very affable Dr.Jyotsna Srikanth.

Born and brought up in Benguluru, India, Jyotsna went on to receive her MBBS and MD from Bangalore Medical College, India, currently lives in London. Jyotsna has trained herself under her mother, Ratna Srikantiah and later under Guru R. R. Keshavamurthy, a doyen of classical Indian violin. She’s also learnt western classical and achieved her grading from the Royal School of Music, London. Amidst this, she approached V.S. Narasimhan, a solo violinist who works with the notable Indian composer Ilaiyaraaja for advanced training. She certainly needs no introduction now globally..!!

Europe’s leading violinist from the Carnatic classical tradition, Jyotsna Srikanth’s initial foray into music came in the film industry, playing under the direction of film composers such as Hamsalekha and Ilaiyaraaja.

Her recitals combine a deep understanding of traditional music with jazz and contemporary touch. This rare balance between tradition and modernity has helped her carve a unique niche, captivating audiences across the globe. She established a foundation, Dhruv Arts to promote Carnatic Music in United Kingdom, as well as raise funds for charity. Jyotsna continues her Carnatic music career as a soloist and as an accompanist, and has performed with masters such as Dr M. Balamuralikrishna. She enjoys a large fan following across the countries and is popular with her world tours.

December 22, 2015, she played with our own Ace Key Board/Piano Player of Bangalore, Shadroch Soloman, now almost an integral part of Jyotsna’s ensemble. Accompanying on Drums with her was N.S. Manjunath. These Trio created a sinuous atmosphere while playing all those Carnatic Kruthis set on World Music beats. Whether it is “Raghuvamshasudha” or the “Sallapa”, Raag Jog or the evergreen songs of Legendary Illaiyaraja or A.R. Rehman in a medley, Jyotsna just sailed effortlessly as ever, her quintessential trademark.

Jyotsna composes music rooted to Indian-Jazz and interweaves this with flamenco, electronica, funk, Indian, Celtic folk and Bollywood – the musical genus shift shall depend on the festival, Mela, Auditorium and audience.



Hailing from a family of music lovers, it did not take long for Solomon to garner love for music from his father. Shadrach Solomon is an accomplished pianist, performer, music director, arranger and composer in his own right. His formal education in Western Classical Piano started at age 6. This was an intense study in Piano Pieces, Sight Reading, Scales, Ear Test and Viva. His indefatigable enthusiasm swiftly took him through five grades passing each one of them in distinction with deft management by Trinity College of Music, London. After having acquired a degree in Engineering in the field of Electrical and Electronics, he has now completely devoted himself to music composition and direction. What metamorphosis he’s been able to bring about over years of dedication in the field of music is there for us to see.


Ace Percussionist Pandit Suresh Talwalkar’s disciple, young N.S.Manjunath has been on the music circuit for quite a while now, practicing concept of handling loops, grooving along hitting the cords and reciting Indian drum syllables in both Hindustani and Carnatic forms. Very much keen on reproducing syllables on the drum kit, Manjunath truly inspires majority key performers with lot of fervor by energetic innovative percussion display, was a key ally to Jyotsna’s breathe stopping numbers.





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