Neither the peak hour Bangalore traffic nor the late evening drizzle or sudden stiffness in my neck, none of these made me not to parley till Indiranagar Club on Saturday, 01 August. It was nerve-racking experience, just to be on time that was not to be, to witness one of the rarest recitals by none other than Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt on (Mohana Veena) followed by Sri Kadiri Gopalnath (Saxophone)and Sri Ronu Muzumdar (Flute). Of course, the young and energetic Pranshu Chaturlal was the common percussion accompaniment whose Grandfather and celebrated percussionist, Late Sri Chaturlal, the entire electrifying tribute went from the cheerful wizards.


Should I long to attend such frequently happening concerts nowadays in the city, there ought to be an added exaltation and for me, VMB is the reason. The more I attend his performances, more the desire to listen to this impeccable performer who by now almost remembers most in the discerning audience by name. Just imagine how powerfully his divine music connects.


Pandit Vishwa mohan Bhatt started his evening offering by Raaga Kalavathi, elaborately playing in most redolent tempo akin to Mohana Veena instrument, hallmark being the sawal-jawab nature with the percussionist on view as the tempo is in position. What sets him apart is the melody personification and the ease with which the Raaga is presented. Other features of his recent presentations add up to the aura while he rips open his soft and powerful vocals while his instrument is on play. That he’s so adroit in singing wows the audience. Raag Gaavti was one such wonderful treatment while he differentiated the notes in comparison with Raag Jhanjhooti. Also on spectacle was a foot tapping number from his much acclaimed Grammy Award winning album, much to the likes of insightful audience. Each moment brought out array of emotions that very few such gifted artistes are able to bring about the connect. Pranshu Chaturlal matched Panditji’s regaling act note to note. I fondly recall to have witnessed the previous Chaturlal Tribute concert held at Chowdaih Hall last year.


Next to follow was a Jugalbandhi between much celebrated & our own Sri Kadri Gopalnath on Saxophone and Sri Ronu Muzumdar on Flute. The popular duo Stalwart combination played with such vim and vigor only expected of, till it almost lasted upto 11 PM. Raagamaalika composition was the highlight with most well known Raagas like Bhimpalasi to Revathi were on view to mention a few. Manifestation of purity in music by all these celebrated stalwarts is something the Gennext must savor all through and Bangaloreans will have to deem themselves so propitious, for many these memorable events happen so often in immediate vicinity.


Latest being the Tribute to Tabla Wizard Late Chaturlal and his grandson Tabla Maestro young Pranshu Chaturlal has been able to incise the most powerful musicians of our country on one platform under the aegis of Ministry of Culture , MANTRI Group and other sponsors, is commendable effort indeed. Most memorable part was to spend brief joyous moments with Pandit VMB who I wished last week, meeting up my kins Nagaraj AIthal P.R and Dinesh Kumar B.V after a very long time.


Last but not the least, speaking to someone like my sweet friend Deepa Kishan who virtually instills so much of adoration. She also weaves the web in organizing VMB’s Bangalore Sojourn always meticulously, but for her insistence, my today’s plans would have fallen flat.



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