His Humanity


I write this for you because miles apart there is no sight
Of consciousness and for every breath
There is a death
Of communication
I would stand at the train station
For hours to watch
And wait your return
Oh god, this cigarette
How it burns

I am standing empty handed
And I feel my knuckles
And veins clotting
A frustration so deep
I’d never dig out the minerals
That make up the emeralds
in your eyes—

I write this for you because
When you left
I needed an oxygen mask
And you never asked
Are you well,
Because truth be told,
I dwell
Upon the softness that resides
Among your weathered skins
And please one more time,
Let me reiterate I’m,
Lost in the beauty of your
Emerald fraternal twins—

On cold nights
Between my frozen clouds
Of words
And two thirds-
Glass of Detox tea
My mind…

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