POWER PACKED PERFORMANCES @ Renuka Sangeetha Sabha 13TH All Night concert series, BANGALORE

@ Renuka Sangeetha Sabha 13TH Allnight concert series In memory of music doyen Late Pt.ARJUNSA NAKOD 14 March 2015 @ Kuvempu Kalakshetra, KR Road, BangalorR

ALL NIGHT 2As the photos suggest and self-explanatory in nature, Renuka Sangeetha Sabha churns out a series of scintillating music performances each passing year and this was the 13th outing –14 March 2015 @ Kuvempu Kalakshetra, KR Road, Bangalore – to commemorate Late Hindustani musical doyen Pt.ArjunSa Nakod’s contribution to Classical music. All his illustrious sons and the entire lineage have been such contributors towards perculating the purity of music to GenNext.


First place, Pandit Sri Vishwanath Nakod and his Team will have to be complimented for the onerous task of bringing together all stalwarts on a single platfom to an Allnight concert, an accomplishment of sorts.

Secondly, constant updates on internet and facebook also have made such events a reat success else, so many discerning listeners wouldn’t yearn for classical form of Indian music. It’s a good sight to see youth turning to divine listening and learn music more nowadays with the parents also supporting their cause like never before. A capacity crowd of over 2000 people for an overnight concert intrigues me each passing year..!

To start with, Pt.Dhananjaya Hegde’s (disciple of veteran Classicist Pt.Vinayak Torvi) singing was truly refreshing. Years of his dedicated learning in Gurukul system has borne the fruits. There is a remarkable power in his performances nowadays compared to premitive learning stage, with his vocals going full steam. With Raag behag presentation, he truly lent justice to the expectations of audience.


Mysore Nagaraj on Voilin and Pt.Sandeep Chaterjee on ‘Shatarangi Veena’ Santoor Jugalbandi set the right chord to capture the imagination of a packed house, with such felicity while presenting Raags Charukeshi and Malkauns. The virtuosos as they have been for years. Violin, usually with four strings tuned in perfect fifths and Santoor which generally has 72-100 stringes’ resonant combination, is by itself very rare to be presented to such discerning audience who clapped to almost each difficult note being made look so easier & a sheer joy to listen. The most joyous moment of this concert is that both Golbal performers rasied their benchmarks by underplaying the enormity to which these instuments can be played onto thereby bringing to halt all that leads to dominance in live attempts.

Veteran vocalist and disciple of Late Pt.Arjunsa Nakod, Pt.HanumathRao Gonavar also presented Raag Jayjaywanthi that reminded the audience of old style Kirana Gharana singing, but his singing lacked finesse though the attempt shall have to be appreciated.Music is not just being loud at all. Louder the music harsher will it sound on ears.


Nonetheless, more chilling performances were to follow in the form of renowned veteran Tabla player Pt.Raghunath Nakod and his most talented son Pt.Dr.Ravikiran Nakod. The formidable duo duly brought the packed house to virtual halt with an energetic Jaal, Sawal-Jawab act in an unconquerable speed for a marathon 90 minutes almost, a fact that all kannadigas shall feel proud of, for producing such great talents having engraved their own niche and global acclaim through dedication & hardwork.


However, the standout performance of the event came in the from the foremost disciple of Veteran Pt.Jasraj, Pandit Sanjeev Abhayankar who displayed what it takes to be a prodigal son of Mewati Gharana while presenting Raags in the form of Lalit, Ahirbharav and Bhoop (Abhang). He is quintessential surili classicist with such an impeccable Chaturang quality, barhat, bol, alap, bhakthi, ang and alankaric vocals. He enthrals the audience with his wholesome treat of presentations and hence may have been truly regarded as one of the very few foremost exponenents in terms of meticulous & meritorious performances amongst his contempararies, I must say. And now, he has to his credit some 21 classical and semi-classical numbers now made available for the discerning listeners to freely download, a classy act and a tribute to millions of his fans and alike. This is how a true sincere artiste of his caliber remains in the hearts of audience by elevating the bar by intrinsic transcedental nature of music.

Pt.Sanjeev Abhayankar has developed his own aura and a section of passionate listeners who never fail to appear once his concert stands announced. Such is the power behind purity, devotion and dedication of this artiste of rare calibre who will always remain in the chronicles of Indian Music for his sheer talent and deft presentations for many more ensuing years. He sets an example as to how a concert ought to be conceptualised phase by phase as he grows on you by leaps and bounds like huge tidal waves. He’s a huge ineffaceable sway in the minds of those who treat music legitimately.


Prelude by Pt.Dhananjay Hegde and finale by none other than Grammy Awardee & the now Legedary Mohan Veena creator Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt virtually brought the audience on their knees with his masterly act on modified string instrument. When this foremost humble disciple of Pt.Ravishankar plays the instrument, hardly anyone we find not glued to the seat till the end. Very few would match his classy resonant act. It is an honor such a musician of tall order holds strong point with dignity and grounded, a lesson many in youth can emulate. He played Raaga Natabhairav alongside electrifying percussive talent of young Himanshu Mahant, an exponent of Banares Gharana and disciple of Late Pt.Kishan Maharaj.


All worthy accompanists including Tanpura saathis will have to be lauded, though there are tendencies to play to gallery in a packed full house. Classical Music is all about softness and perfect lyrical treat in any form though people opine differently. Vocal singing is all about devotion and being surili whereas the percussive art is just being an apt saath to the main player, keeping in view of varying moods the particular musician demands as per Layakari and Gayaki. All aspects blended togther form the perfect presentation. This is where Pt.Sanjeev Abhayankar scores while utilising the sound effect to his moods and perfection. Modern music or the world Music is a perfect blend of old and new, but utilizing the opportunity to fullest thro’ available sound system eases difficulty while performing live.

Though all said and done, kudos must reach each one out there working under the aegis of Renuka Sangeetha Sabha to have organized such a grand event. May many budding talents come to the fore in years to follow. Utilizing all available resources is also an art and full mark goes to organisers to have caught the imagination of discerning.



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