Literally spellbound performance

10687136_10204459158586506_370321677070917408_nI have been an overzealous fan of Sathvik Veena and Mohana Veena pedigree for many years, the formidable duo father and son for long time now. So as is point blank I sat on front row at Karnataka Chitrakala Parishat open lawns, B’lore on Last Sunday, the 08 March 2015. His renowned & celebrated father Pandit Vishwamohan Bhatt plays improvised version of Mohana Veena.

As is his wont, Salil Bhatt harked back in own words and so did I reminisce to be also one among those lucky to have heard his last concert at Gurunanak Bhavan, Blore almost 16-18 years ago….!!!!


Many in the discerning audience may have been great aficionados of Mohan Veena and Satvik Veena rich lineage for long time now.

Yet again, Rajguru Smriti’s proverbial offering at Chitrakala Parishat, Blore lawns was such an absorbing musical feast to wonderfully perceptive audience on Last Sunday for over two hours.

Literally spellbinding was the performance by Pandit Salil Bhatt on Satvik Veena accompanied by young Tabla Maestro Himamshu Mahant. Though, such reverberating instrument performance needs very good sound controls lest leads to starkness to listeners in open air atmosphere.


Though much water has flowed down the river since then and now that Salil Bhatt stands very tall among his global contemporaries, performing Jazz, fusion and alike, he remains very modest and humbling personality as he very meaningfully sought blessings from his peers Pt.Parameshwar Hegde, Pt.Ravindra Yavagal and veteran Movie actor Anilkumar, before venturing on the evening Raga Jogeshwari Drut to leave the audience in virtual ecstasy in the company of young Tabla Maestro and magical, Himamshu Mahant, one of the foremost disciples of Veteran Sri Kishan Maharaj. Salil Bhatt remains humility personified till date like his illustrious father and hence, I salute this worldly talent so is the resonance that could be heard even now.


While offering his solitary evening offering Raag Jogeshwari Drut, gem of a creation by none other than his Late Guru, the Legendary Sitarist Sri Ravishankar without whose deftness and vision as Salil Bhatt aptly reminisced, he wouldn’t have been able to understand the nuance of Raag Jog and Rageshwari combo with such felicity, after traversing thus far from adolescence. The Sawal-Jawab was one such electrifying act between Sathvik Veena and Tabla, one of the rarest to be heard by those longing for tad pure form of music.


Young Tabla Maestro, Himamshu Mahant has so much of raw power in his mercurial & energetic fingers that would have left many of us in askance, but for paucity of time. It’s one of the best percussion accompaniments’ act,  for a resonant instrument I have witnessed in recent times. Himamshu would surely go miles beyond the  pinnacle. He’s sheer joy to watch.

Better sound system could have made this wonderful raag go more softer on ears.

Rare gem of a vocal performance by Veteran Pandita Padmatai Talwalkar


The evening Sangeet Samaroh also witnessed another classy vocal performance by Veteran Pandita Padmatai Talwalkar whose name is tantamount with the discerning music lovers all over. She holds grace to her singing alongside young upcoming disciples in toe, Kum.Ankita Damle and Rasika, offered a vilambit in Raag yeman following it up by chota khyal in Jogkauns, a shortie in Raag Basant and finally ending up with Bhairavi.

One must salute this veteran vocalist for sheer dignity she brings to singing over years. Appropriately, she has to her credits, many a promising budding talents honed under her skillful training already on national circuit.

Raag yaman and Jog-kauns bear testimony to her mellifluous & flawless renditions wherever she ventures out to perform. Most celebrated and familiar Veteran maestros Pt.Ravindra Yavagal and Pt.Vyasamurthy Katti lent her great support on Tabla and Harmonium.


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