Koushik Aithal regales invited audience @ ‘Kalakshithi’ Mini Auditorium, Netkallappa Circle by impeccable extensive vocal singing


‘If I were to deem his concert as an extension of previous one held about a fortnight ago, it wasn’t to be. As per the perfect weather forecast, there was a heavy downpour on 28 February 2015, stopping few discerning from stepping out, but lucky I was, in the company of my neighbor, Ganapati Hegde who drove us just in time as Koushik had just then begun his Drut Alap of Evening in ‘Raag Shudh Kalyan’ as prelude, but what stuck my benumbed veins and the immediate chord were his extensive presentation of ‘Raag Megh’ wherein he succeeded in captivating the audience by webbing mellifluous alaap & sleek sargams at the top octave. He followed it up a rare rendition in ‘Raag Janasamohini’ that left many in the audience enthralled by it’s familiarity yet rarely listened to, marking the potent harbinger in Koushik Aithal among his contemporaries.

Remarkable ease with which he conducts his vocals be it Abhangs, Vachana and alike, bears authentication on how sincerely he has gone about his profession so assiduously all the while training under the able Guru Pandit Sri Parameshwar Hegde. Ethos of Kirana Gharana and purity of music just substantiate the fact that it is here to stay, formulating the best during ensuing years.

Though one can’t be so sure about suggestive areas of improvement neither in singing nor the accompaniments as it’s easier said than performing live flawlessly, we will have to appreciate the divine path these young lads have chosen by complimenting each other so well on the dais.

The young Hawaldar brothers Kedarnath on Tabla and Samir on Harmonium very aptly accompanied Koushik and many thanks to revered veteran classical dancer, Sri Kittu Mster who was instrumental in making the auditorium available for the concert. As a perceptive music lover, I look forward to many such comfortable in-house concerts. Last but not the least, no surprise as to why I am thrilled to attend back to back vocal performances by Koushik..any guesses..?


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