Sri R K Suryanarayana Memorial Pancha Veena  Concert @ Sri Jayarama Seva Mandali Auditorium

There was this cordial invite to attend this rare concert comprising of Pancha Veena performance by the disciples of Legendary Veena Vidwan Sri R K Suryanarayana.


The invitation says it all who all played on the occasion, but what enthralled each discerning avid listener in audience was the electrifying chord that followed that reminisced of Legendary Rudrapatnam Veena Masters who played those complex notes in Mysore King’s Durbar once upon a time. Late Legend Sri RK Suryanarayana was among the tallest Veena Wizards undoubtedly alongside his peer Sr.R.Keshavamurthy revered till today for his finesse.

10888970_994532813894889_5616006337531324370_nThe rich legacy of this wonderful and rare family tree of Rudrapatnam has continued to haunt us no end by the dedication unparalleled in the annals of music, with scores of dedicated talents groomed in each following generation is the beauty.

Owing to personal engagements, I arrived late, but never miss out on such a rare occurrence of Pancha Veena I listened to before, long time back @ Shringeri. This latest concert also reminded me of another quartet Violin performance of M/s Mysore Nagaraj-Manjunath Brothers and Sri Ganesh-Kumaresh Brothers sometime during early 2013 in felicitation of Late Violin Legend Sri MSG.

What followed later to the wonderful ‘Pancha Veena’ performance was even more reverberating if not satiating to one’s lookout for a refreshing buffet dinner. I am referring to the Guest of Honor and most respected Vocalist of our times Sri R.K.Padmanabha’s keynote address. In his rare baritone as usual, he recited few wonderful self-written compositions in memory of the Great Rudrapatnam Legends as a prelude….a treat on ears.

RKP always swivels the discerning music lovers by his masterly presentation and I never miss such an opportunity wherein one goes aromatic. One must thank Rudrapatnam Heirarchy to have offered so much to musical fraternity for a long time to come, a wizardry that will remain in pinnacle as long as music lingers and the world moves on.


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