India’s Unparalleled Election Demographic And The Fingie


Your ‘D’ day is due tomorrow…cast your invaluable vote to the right party and never stay away from voting. Not that it may or may not make a big difference.

Country has seen many upheavals since independence and we have traveled thus far. Ours is the most sustained and resilient democratic country with a record number of electorate in the world. We have displayed that the Democracy works wonders. We have witnessed the Best of administrators on the flip side and also, the mockery of that on flop side.

If one Sri A.B.Vajapayee who spent his whale of Political times sitting in the opposition ranks for decades, it doesnt mean he cannot govern better or for that matter,a political novice in Sri Arvind Kejriwal may or may not usher a sea change if elected to power. It is the sincerity of purpose that matters after all said and done.

It is not that a ‘NAMO’ can bring in a major revolution or a ‘RAGA’ shall have his own effect. Political conviction is what matters most in a diverse country like ours. Burning issues like, connecting inter-state riparian rivers and national highways shall have to be dealt with sterner hands in quick time. An ‘ADHAAR’ isn’t a wasteful expenditure on the ex-chequer should the very purpose remain unaddressed properly and defeated.

Overall, we countrymen are all at crossroads while we boast of so many achievements that could have realized many years ago, had we had a visionary administration. At least now, we shall resolve that our vote is cast for the most efficient candidate and most effective governance.

Rest, let’s leave it to ‘knight in shining armour’ of democracy who better choose the uncompromising leadership. May bygones be bygones. Let sound minds prevail while doing so with conviction.


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