Travails of life turn trivial when we traverse thro diversities of life without a care in the world and blissful music transcends on us, one ought to consider blessed. Someone close to me said recently, one will have to be reborn thrice lucky to be a spirited perform before connoisseurs..! An avid listening too is such major attribute without which the performer may turn despondent of sorts in a packed house.

While  I went on a listening spree to renowned maestros of Indian classical music along with my dear friend Ganapathi Hegde last weekend in Bangalore, many thoughts started haunting me overnight including one that, as to how much blessed we are, to witness these prodigal stalwarts perform with such dexterity, a God sent gift though. Craft needs to be honed over years so as to stimulate the spines of discerning audience. I gained in one such rarest occurrence last weekend, while listening to such blissful music, I must hasten to add.

The Saturday evening, 15 Feb 2014 “Bhaithak’ @ Kalarasa Amphi Theatre, 4th Block, Jayanagar

What a masterly hindustani vocal presentation by Pt.Sri kumar Mardur at KalaRasa amphi Theatre in Jayanagr 4th Block, Blore this evening.!.very ably assisted by Pt.Satish Kolli on Harmonium and Pt.Trilochan Kampli on all a musical treat for discerning music lovers who enjoyed Raag Shree, Thilang Kamod, a Thumri of Bade Ghulam Ali Khan, Kedar and an excellent Kabir Bhajan renditions were spine-tingling beyond doubt that borne testimony to years of rigorous training gone by and also reminding me of his illustrious Gwaliar Kirana Gharana Exponent father Pt.Somnath Mardur who I have listened 4-5 times many years ago.

So pure is Sri Kumar Mardur’s faultless gayaki, the rare taans, tehraav, difficult sargams and easy mellifluous surili voice, he hands out an indelible impression..2 thumbs up for organisers and a wonderful audience alike..!..such Music Baithaks are in demand interiors and imaginatively done up Kalarasa Mini Amphi theatre adds up to the dazzling show..Bangaloreans.. you have come of age..



Hailing from the rich traditions of Dharwad, Kumar Mardur has had his training from his father Pandit Somanath Mardur, a renowned Hindustani Classical Vocalist of Kirana Gharana and a senior disciple of the late Padmabhushan Dr. Basavaraj Rajguru. Under his able guidance of father, Kumar has eventually shown the fire and qualities of becoming a promising young artiste. Endowed with a melodious voice, he is known for pure and aesthetic presentation of ragas, crystal clear taan patterns and command over laya. A graded artiste of Akashwani and Doordarshan, Kumar has had numerous performances across the country, including the Sawai Gandharva Mahotsav. He’s the most proverbial tutor in the ITC sponsored Music academy at Kolkata who holds a great promise for future.

Trilochan Kampli

Trilochan Kampli, is the catalyst and energetic binding force. He was the most impressive on Tabla and if future gigs are to go by, should showcase his talent more along with an excellent Pt.Satish Kolli on Harmonium.


Trilochan, a deft sensitive solo performer and a most sought after accompanist, he’s been stunning to listeners from the age of 12, his magical fingers flying over seasoned Tabla, the dexerity eases belying the complexity of the compositions, he is most promising bundle of talent and a whole time musician performing extensively on radio, television and stage. He has proved to be an able counterfoil in the instrumental Jugalbandi. Trilochan enjoys each bit of music that follows and here lies the joy more than showcasing talent on Tabla which naturally flows in his veins.It is double bonus on both sides alike.


All night vocal and instrumental concerts:

Tabla Maestro Pandit Sanjoy Mukherjee’s electrifying solo performance leaves audience spell bound @ Ravindra Kalakshetra, 15 Feb 2014.

All night series of vocal and instrumental concerts under the aegis of Renuka Sangeetha Sabha in memory of Gaanabhanu Pt.Arjunsa Nakod on 15 Feb 14 at Ravindra Kalakshetra enthralled music connaisseurs..Ustad Faiyaz khan, Pt.Nareshkumar Malhothra, Vidwan Kumaresh, Pt.Praveen Godkhindi, Pt.Brijnarayan and electrifying Tabla solo by Pt.SANJAY MUKHERJI captivated a packed house, secured a full house standing ovation on his breathtaking act heard very rarest of rare, never in recent times…all kudos to the organisers..and hundreds of discerning music lovers who were glued to seats all through…!!!..

The 60 plus veteran Tabla Maestro who has accompanied stalwarts like Late Pt.Ravishnakar, Pt Bhimsen Joshi to name a few, displayed an uncanny ability of vernacular virtuosity of the percussion over one hour and half….truly a fitting lesson to all GenNext Tabla my times, never before have I been so blessed to listen to a such masterly craft and out of the world exhibition..unbelievable and unmatched..bravo performance..


Sanjoy Mukherjee has positioned himself a special place amongst Giant Tabla stars of India. His powerful crisp strokes, unmatched speed, Layakari and Taiyari, has been electrifying, both as an accompanist and as a solo performer.

Lyricism while recalling his reverred Guru’s association and blessings every moment while playing, Tabla tonal purity, the Kaida as he says,unbelievable solitary hand usage, width of repertoire in compositions and mathematical dexterity mark his ‘Baaz’. A widely travelled artiste, Sanjoyji has received Presidential acclaim for his performances. He is attached to the Doordarshan Kendra, Kolkata.  While he performs on Tabla, a bewildered audience is baffled by the energy he creates at an age most call quits. No wonder how passionate he is, for he’s been on Tabla for the last 55 years and Bangaloreans are are lucky more so as he was visiting Bangalore after 30 yeras at the behest of Sri Vishwanath Nakod…!!Truly a class act. Eranest Efforts of “SMRUHI- SANGEETHA NAMANA organisers,Renuka Sangeetha Sabha will have to be heartily lauded. Truly a regaling experience all thro’ the night till dawn.!



At Devagiri Temple for Pt. Sanjeev Abhayankar’s Hindustani vocal concert organised by Heritage ‘Gudiya Sambhrama’. One ought to feel so blessed to listen to such blissful music…Bhakt Surdas Bhajan in Bhairavi ‘Akhiyaan Hari Darshan ko Pyaasi’ will linger on for long time…he was so devotion personified and is very aptly hailed as the most eligible torch bearer of Mewati Gharana under the lineage of Pt.Jasraj…none can ask for anything more when such gayaki chills your spine..!


The prodigal 3 year old toddler who turned out to be the Mewati Gharana Vocal Maestro under able tutelage of Pandit Jasraj, is now a globally acclaimed star performer for over 25 years in the field of Hindustani Classical, devotional music and true inspiration for younger generation. Pt.Abhayankar has won many prestigious awards including the National Award in 1998 for Best Play singing  in Hindi feature film ‘God Mother”.

Both veterans, Pt.Vishwanath Nakod on Tabla and Pt.Vyasamurthy Katti on Harmonium very ably played their part alongwith Pt.Abhayankar..

A great weekend to rejoice..!!


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