Memorable musical week all along

19 January 2014, Sunday early crack of dawn and 25 Jan 2014 Saturday late dusk, almost after the stroke of midnight, falling onto the lap of 26 Jan 2014 (happened to be our National Republic Day resplendently remain in Bangalore music connoisseurs & morning walkers’ memory for long. Little wonder when more than a thousand witnessed the concert and ‘Prasidhi Silks’ were gracious enough to provide a mini breakfast/coffee for all those attended..!!..a gesture that surely evokes a clap..

19 January 2014 ‘Sur Prabhat’ early morning concert under the aegis of Rajguru Smruthi @ Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Kumara Krupa Road, Bangalore



Reason being my heart filled up with oodles of joy for the pulsating musical moments experienced after listening to such iconic performers and Pride of Nation like coveted Padma Bhushans and the famed Banares Gharana Vocalist brothers Pandit Rajan & Sajan Mishra on the sprawling lawns of Karnataka Chitrakala Parishad, Pandit Ravindra Yavagal on Tabla and Pandit Vyasamurthy Katti lent commendable support to singing legends that seldom goes unnoticed.


“Aayo Prabhat sab Mil Gaavo” in Raag Bhatiyar and “Maa Saari” in Raag Bhairag Bhairav were so devotionally rendered, followed by “Hanuman Chalisa” (as a fitting tribute to many Hanumans just hovering around the trees of Chitrakala Parishath…!!… needless to mention they too were floored by the Power music of morning) and a Bhairavi rendition. Stamp of class writ all over whenever these giants perform carrying the moods of discerning audience to a different altar.

25-26 Jan 2014 Saturday SPIC MACAY All Night concert @ IIM-B lawns, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore

Secondly, Pandit Tarun Bhattacharya – under the aegis of SPIC MACAY on the lawns of IIM-B, Banneraghatta Road, Bangalore- performed breathtakingly on 100 stringed Santoor. I guess to have listened to him after a gap of five long years, but very soon floored by the electric taans, sargams of Raag Charukeshi , he went on to play at 16 beats alongside Tabla Maestro Pandit Prasoonjit Poddar was worth chilling out late night 12.30 onwards..! The Santoor wizard then went on to play a popular Bhatiyali Dhun, Vaishnava Janatho and a Ravindra Sangeeth number. Overall, it was spellbinding performance indeed for those who caught up these wizards after a gap.


What followed later in the fag end of January chill, enwrapped audience moods even better by an astonishing Vocal performance by Vidushi Kaushiki Chakrabarthy Desikan , daughter of illustrious Pandit Ajoy Chakrabarthy.


For an artiste who had inculcated music since the age of two and going public at the age of seven, the discerning audience shall rest be assured of what is in store for them always.

Rendition of Raag Ahirbhairav was elaborately displayed, with such finesse that truly marks Kaushiki Chakrabarthy’s citadel  and the rarest command over most of the taans and sargams. If the akaara followed by swaras in 16 beats reaching all octaves with such ease were to go by, her bright performance stands apart while she sparkles like the most distinctive performer of Patiala Gharana in the country without veneer of doubt, thanks to her peers for she demonstrates her simplicity and humility. Aptly said about what she likes the most when today’s youth attend her music concerts..!

Kaushiki 10

Pandit Sandeep Ghosh on Tabla was apt while Pandit Vyasamrthy Katti  on Harmonium weaves magic wherever  he performs. He is such vital formidable combination for any artiste who possess such high dynamics.

‘Last but not the least, it would be too selfish should I not thank my immediate neighbor Ganapathi Hegde, but for whom I would have hardly ever made it to these events in peak January chill on both occasions. The very fact that he is an avid listener makes me sit up for such events..!!..I hasten to add. Meeting old associates also made my heart very light..!!


2 thoughts on “Memorable musical week all along

  1. Very Good writing.You not only have good sense of music but also have good command over English.I am also a vivid & appreciative listner. But the knowledge about the music(Like you have) makes it even more memorable when we listen to music of veteran Meastroes, Mishra Brothers.Its adds to the grandeaur, when the ambience is serenic,chilled & romantic.When musical notes started getting dissolved in air,after echoing & reverbrating in our ears, invariably our hearts get filled enchantingly.

    Kudos to you. Keep it up.Let us have such kind of good moments in future.pls do update me about the schedules.


    Nagaraj P.R


    • Many thanks for your courtesy..I try to update myself with the present.. a sincere effort..thats all I know.

      I am planning to organise an in house concert at my abode..Keep fingers crossed till I hint you..will be on a saturday 5.30 onwards lasting abt 2 1/2 hrs..will let you know asap..Regards from ashwini kumar


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