‘POWER GAME’……………………….Disparity at its best..!!

The perfect timing for retirement…choosing a perfect side to lose 2 Test series….preparing a perfect ground for a perfect last inning finish….what more….inviting everyone who mattered most in ‘Empowered’ circle to witness….yeh come on.. all this one ought to do…to announce… bestow the highest civilian award on the day ‘He’ wished to ‘retire’….naming a celebrated scientist for the similar award on the same day is sheer co-incidence….though he deserved it much early….doesn’t all this sound a little stage managed…like a dress rehearsal..!!??… it was picture perfect…

The very fact that HE was so much capable of holding sway over “Power Men” that be, even while he was for so long going thro’ lean patch – proves beyond doubt he had his quintessential say in all forms of Cricket, Team composition and relative captaincy matters alike….. after all, one wouldnt have been able to play for 24 eventful years without a strong internal support system..!….and being Mumbaikar helps always too..

Another step-motherly treatment meted out was – most celebrated gentleman and a role model cricketer Rahul Dravid who probably did full justice to whatever role entrusted on him and shone in all forms of cricket – probably a glaring example as to how the BCCI could act in such haste while not according Dravid preferential ground to his liking to play his last appearence pre-retirement.

Though he was fit enough to play another couple of years, none persuaded him while Rahul announced retirement while on an overseas tour. Of course, the thorough gentleman as he is, Rahul didnt utter a word and paved way for talented budding cricketers..entire country watched all this drama silently, because it was not stage managed..!!…It clearly indicates Bharath Rathna Awardee cricketer calls the shots and has strong presence amongst political heavy weights too. So he too is no exception. A tall order meticulously built over 24 years is also shattered..!..A myth indeed..!

All under the veil of a gentlemen’s game.!…. but who cares if ‘WE’ decide the time..One must be born with all that lucky charm to reach iconic heights and also charm those “Power Men”…and here’s an example..

There were many on our Motherland who could have notched up this civilian award if the ‘Power’ that be mattered decides as to when it has to happen….starting from Olympian Gold Medalist Milkha Singh to Ace Cricketer Rahul Dravid, from Hockey wizard late Dhyanchand to Chess Wizard Vishwanathan Anand… but bend it like Beckham..!!

No qualms or remorse what so ever on the latest saga of Bharath Rathna awards, but it only points fingers at the ‘Power’ that be…that we are the people who empower them…and that the award can happen to you either as a retiring cricketer at an age of 40 and to a die-hard scientist – who toils endlessly in his lifetime – at an age of 70 plus if “Power” decides when…

One cannot question why and what…? ….because ‘Power’ decides the time….mark my words….incumbent ‘Power’ cannot fathom awarding ‘A Top Notch Actor’ of highest order,should he be lucky enough to secure the same when the new governance is in the encumber, come 2014….You may guess who am I referring to….Time decides when to curvature and when to uncurl….no denying that whoever awarded is worthy enough and that they deserve or not…after all, who are we..?…

We have only empowered (?) the “Power Men”…!!!..and ‘WHY’ is it a matter of grave concern as to ‘who’ decides these awards and ‘how’, ‘when’ will it happen and to ‘who’ deserves the most….!!!…what are the parameters to decide…dont you think there’s lack of transparency somewhere down the lane..?…Because, we the people feel all these “Power Men” and the ‘Bharat Rathnas’ heave amongst us…Bhrath Rathnas are grounded but not the “Power Men” who decide our destiny.

‘Power Men’ at helm of affairs may be loathe to the critical reviews flooding from all over, but the intrigue remains forever..!

Men come and go, Power comes and vanishes, Public have lean memory, but the disparity rules forever and what more..it stirs the simplest of soul always..!!…and people who matter, make hay when sun shines..


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