Brilliant initiative to nurture and hone talent depository


Brilliant initiative to nurture and hone talent depository

09 AUGUST 2013 @ JSS Auditorium, Jayanagar, Bangalore


Yester-evening, someone very close called me to attend a music jam session at JSS Auditorium, but there was something else in store to offer. COSMOS, normally known to handle realty ventures, has opened a new leaf to reconnoiter on budding talents in the field of Theatre, Music and Arts. A brilliant idea and first of its kind should my memory be right, the newly unveiled Academy has thoughtfully selected a very special panel headed by none other than an effervescent and versatile Sri Praveen D Rao and advisory to run affairs smoothly. 

Key beneficiary, the quintessence pure music of all genres in true sense, beckons high hopes for the Gennext if the promising syllabus forerunners are to be accepted as true. Truly, a brilliant idea that many would have thought, but few thinking brains have at last made it happen already.

Two Thumbs up.!


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