Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum

Whimsey Pie


The Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum, which is really a ruggedly picturesque zoo showcasing native flora and fauna, is reached by a leisurely jaunt through the Saguaro-covered hills west of Tucson, Arizona.  Situated on 21 acres of desert, with most exhibits gracing two miles of outdoor walking paths, this living natural history museum of the Sonoran Desert region exudes a spare beauty that is simply breathtaking.


[ View from the parking lot ]


[ The trail ]


[ Looking west ]

We picked New Year’s Day for our visit and were rewarded with a chilly, crystal clear day – perfect to be outside in the desert.  Due to the cooler temperatures, some of the animals weren’t on exhibit and many of the gardens were bare.  Despite that, we found more than enough interesting things to fill our day.  We wandered among plants and cacti with names like Shindagger, Creosotebush, Baja Fairyduster, Strawberry Hedgehog, and the Wait-a-Minute Bush.  More iconic varieties…

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