On Aging And Obsolescence

The Urge To Wander

Old is when you suddenly find yourself on the wrong side of the generation gap. When you take time to figure out ‘LOL’ does not actually mean ‘Lots of Love’. When your boss is (was) a decade younger than you. When your four year old child/grandchild can make your smartphone do astonishing things, that you would never have thought possible!

When routines like dialing a rotary phone, rolling your car window, trekking to the photo lab to spend a fortune on developing film, sending snail mail signed with a fountain pen in cursive hand……..have all quietly slipped through the hourglass.

I try to hold on to the handwritten notes and the books, but have joyfully embraced the liberation from labour of the rest (even if it means extra work to keep it from showing on my hips).

So excuse me while I go Face Time with the kids. I hope you enjoy browsing…

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