Can the Bulldog Be Saved?

Barking Beast


Jack and I were recently watching one of our favorite shows Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.  For those of you whom haven’t seen this show or are familiar with Rob, you wouldn’t believe the practical jokes and everyday adventures this world renowned skater and his best friend and body guard Christopher Boykin better known on the show as “Big Black” and the rest of the Dyrek entourage get into.

The show has an incredibly unique comedic taste, as I wouldn’t be surprised if Dydrek happens to be one of the executive producers. Combined with his wonderful sense of humor and eagerness to give back to the community thru his foundation Rob Dyrdek Foundation Dydrek also happens to be an avid dog lover. Here are some clips from his show Fantasy Factory that showcase the incredibly affectionate relationship Rob has with his two bull dogs boy Meaty and and baby…

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