Vachana Sangeethotsava & Audio CD ‘RaagRang’ review blog

‘Vachana  Sangeethotsava’  regales audience – Courtesy Akhila Bharatha Sharana Sahithya Parishat

13 & 14 April 2013 @ JSS Auditorium, Bangalore


Though wished to derive more time for symposiums and performances alike during both days of event, I could only make it on 14 April morning and indeed, it was refreshing starter to listen to powerful yet soulful renditions of Smt.Jayadevi Jangamashetti of Dharwad, followed by Shri Shankar Hoogar.

Vachanas just flowed from Jayadevi’s powerful vocals through benumbed veins in the form of verses – Pranatheyide Bhakthiyide, Haadidarenu,Akka kelavva, Enna kaayavva,Kogile Chelva Kogile.

Needless to mention, Jaipur Gharana Exponent in Jayadevi Jangamashetti lent meaning to rare speedy display of subtle singing that reminisced  to likes of  Legendary exponents, Sri Mallikarjun Mansur and Basavaraja Rajguru.

I hasten to add furthermore. In her very recent Lahari audio CD release ‘RaagRang’,  Jayadevi Jangamashetti has presented Raag Jounpuri, Sawan Kalyan and Sohini in an immaculately powerful vocals, a sheer delight for traditional hindustani music buffs and old timers. A true delight..

The power house of Hindustani Classical music, Dharwad can be proud of very talented Jayadevi, who not only brings the best out of her open chiseled vocals, but also, undoubtedly creates an aura of her own through layakari, sensible gayaki and tehraav.  

Intrinsic aptitude in reaching all 3 octaves without disturbing the surili sargams and taans with ease bears signature on her undeniable talent.

Way to go and a must buy audio CD for all connoisseurs of music. …..!!!


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