Karnataka State Film Awards 2011-12 announced.

Archana Udupa wins best playback singer award for the movie “Bhageerathi


“I have seen her the moment she opened her eyes onto the horizon as a tot, seen her grow from a remote hamlet to metropolitan city’s contrast culture, could well sense what was going on her innocent eyes during  adolescence, but her aesthetic nature persisted, her eye for detail in music is very critically sensitive, can create wonders thro’ her inborn trait for finesse in whatever form of music she delves, has all the uncanny makings of a star music director, capable of creating something extraordinary thro’ her natural talent alone. Honors tread late, but worthy can never be denied justice. Her rich accolades prompted me write these lines for choosing her the best playback singer for Karnataka State Film Awards – courtesy Ace Kannada writer – Director, Sri Baraguru Ramachandrappa’s  movie “Bhageerathi”. Rest of the world recognizes her as the singer Archana Udupa, but I take pride in her accomplishments as proud mama. One ought not forget the sacrifices made by entire family while honing her skills, wonderful support system and friends alike.

Though belated, The Government of Karnataka has at last recognized the true talent in Archana Udupa that was long awaited. So was the case with talented vivacious multi lingual actress Bhavana too, bagging coveted best actress award and Sri Baraguru Ramachandrappa, the best lyricist respectively in their contributions in the same movie, thus spinning a triplet of sorts.

These beeline of awards clearly pump more adrenaline for multi-faceted denizen skills of Sri Baraguru Ramachandrappa and his future endeavors in the earnest”


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