Voilin quartet perform together and create history..!!!!!!!!!!!

Venue:Gayana Smamaja, K.R. Road, Bangalore, Date: 11 August 2012  6.00PM

 Occasion:Naadavaibhavam, release of  Ragapravaham CD composed by Kumaresh & Ganesh

Felicitation: Padma Vibhushan Nadashri Dr.M.S.Gopalakrishnan

 “Here goes a rejoicing  and rare acassion of watching India’s 4 proudest contemporary Voilinists namely Mysore Nagaraja & Manjunath alongwith Kumaresh and Ganesh who kept the audience in ruptures all through.

 Imagine the audience mood when four of them performed first time ever, in front of  Octogenarian voilinist and melody personified, Dr.M.S.Gopalakrishnan – conferred with ‘Nadashri” Award mooted by Bangalore Gayana Samaja on the occasion.

I have been witnessing these four stalwarts performing since almost 3 decades catching them young. Today each one of them is a global performer par excellence.Watching them live on such an occasion reminds me of “Aasthana Sangeetha”. Such was the power, purity and devotion, with each one of them complimenting the other note to note. All of them were on a roll.

May be, their performance haunts themselves each night for it’s impact and bhava. It was extrordinarily an electric performance Bangaloreans shall remember always and long for more……I compliment organizers, Bangalore Gayana Samaja for creating such an iconic moment…of course, my heartfelt gratitude to Sri Kumaresh for having chisled out a novel idea. Rest is history..!


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