First place, I salute this rare attempt “Listening to Life’ handled meticulously by Jayashriji’s innate virtue and confidence. The very commentary in her resonant voice makes rasikas sit on toes to listen to avidly. Her impeccable command on expressive language and the grip of a Legend in her music stands apart. What a riveting performance by all her disciples.. a discipline very rarely found and … melody personified. I was in complete awe of them with none lagging behind, the sync devotion with hardly any bad note….!music turns very pure with all these elements working so well and falling in place which is what Jayashriji meant.. And the accompanists meant business and never let Jayashriji down with uncanny ability while creating web for her each note. Never before, have I heard such an awesome combination of Piano, voilin, mridangam, flute and tabla in such wonderful collage while creating the right mood. It would be grave injustice should I single out one performer. That was the magnitude of the performance. Of course, I strongly felt that M.D.Pallavi was not at her best. This recital is to be heartily lauded for its substance, wholesomeness and for the melody of music. Jayashriji’s command on almost all forms of Indian music needs special mention. Whether it is O nanna chetana and Ondu baari smarane saalade in kannada, Aapki nazrone samjah in Hindi, Ranjish hi sahi Urdu ghazal and other renditions in different languages, swaras stay put in their places. So mellifluous was the recital and the perfect timing. Two hours marathon singing without blink and a sip of water, I bow to jayashriji’s sincerity of purpose and the way she showcases music onto connoisuers’ ears remains unparalleled. May Goddess Vagdevi bestow more such indelible tribe and unbriddled talent like Bombay Jayashriji into mainstream of art and music. An immensely likeable programme for many years to follow..I personally congratulate all the performers, in particular, the disciples of Jayashriji and accompanists for their immaculate performance. Last but not the least, I am short of words to express my wishes to Jayashriji for bringing out the best in all….Let her Legend bring to fore, many such gems in years that follow….very painstakingly done….She remains the Stalwart of Indianness and the music…. and for which she is revered with awe……………………



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